I am the founder of B. YOGA by Bridget Bradley (pronounced, “B Dot”) which is after my name, Bridget. It also symbolically refers to ‘being in the now’. As a child, I was often called Bridget B, so the B. has naturally evolved from there.

I am an abstract artist, designer, avid yoga practitioner and Certified Yoga Instructor. As an artist and creative with a background in the fashion industry, it seemed a natural progression to both share and offer exclusive apparel collections with my unique print designs, as an extension of my artwork.

Bridget stands in prayer yoga pose on mountain rock overlooking ocean Hong Kong

B. YOGA by Bridget Bradley is about healing, connecting with your source, maintaining health, fitness and wellbeing. Yoga is a regular part of my life for maintaining balance, calm, strength, fitness good health. I’d love to share the benefits of Yoga with you.

Bridget Yoga Posing with Best friend on the Beach

Email me to enquire about yoga classes or join the community at B. YOGA by Bridget Bradley to find out more about group and private classes.

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Bridget In Yoga Hand Stand against a wall. B. Yoga by Bridget Bradley

Classes & Retreats

In the future I will be offering classes and retreats.

B. YOGA by Bridget Bradley Classes

Weekly Classes

Wednesday and Friday outdoor yoga classes are now available. Please sign up using the form at the bottom of the page to be notified by email when they start or email me direct.

Private Classes

To enquire about private classes please contact me directly by email or use the form below to sign up.

Image of Bridget Bradley practising a yoga stand, almosr scorpion with knees bent back.

As you can see, you can fit Yoga into your life anywhere. I love to do this out amongst nature, even on a hike with my best friend. It’s a great way to connect and practice mindfulness along the way.

Bridget Stands on mountainside rock, holding a one leg yoga pose looking over the ocean, Hong Kong
Image of Bridget holding balance in a a One Leg Yoga Pose. B Yoga by Bridget-Bradley

Become A

B. Yoga by Bridget Bradley outdoor yoga classes start next week. Email me for enquiries about group classes or private classes on the contact page. Scroll down to join the community.

Learn about my exclusive yoga to streetwear apparel collections.

B. YOGA Wear by Bridget Bradley

Bridget wears eco-friendly yoga clothing for activewear outdoors in style. Shop the Sugar Fix Collection.

“Bridget’s B. Yoga Wear is so comfortabe and stylish on the street”